The Toulouse Researchers develop cheap biofuel

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A team from the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) in Toulouse working towards economic biofuels address the high price of oil and the worrying level of greenhouse gas emissions.

These scientists were able to obtain bioethanol 20 continuous productivity 30 times the plants currently in operation, a promising result as the production cost of biofuels is still higher in France than gasoline or diesel .

For this, the lab biotechnology, bioprocess INSA has developed a bioreactor in two stages, the second allows the production of a large quantity of microorganisms through a membrane. Per meter fermentation broth cube, the method developed provides 40 kg bioethanol 8 degrees of alcohol per hour.

From glucose, the team also produces bioethanol 19 degrees in two days, a result deemed too high performance. "And we have not yet reached the limits performance," says Xavier Cameleyre, research engineer at INSA.

The French bioethanol, derived mainly from beet and wheat, and biodiesel oilseed extract and marketed under the name of diester, respectively are used as fuel additives for gasoline and diesel engines.

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