Tomorrow 4 November international day of action against climate change

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Ahead of the international conference on climate change in Nairobi and the international day of action against climate change, climate change ... and we, what do we do?

The 4 November is the date chosen by the non-governmental organizations so that citizens are mobilizing across the globe. This date precedes the two-day International Conference on the United Nations climate summit in Nairobi (Kenya) from the 6 17 November.

The Climate Action Network - France and partner organizations have decided to launch an appeal that on Saturday, 4 November throughout France, associative and civic actions are initiated to demand effective measures against climate change.

Today it is important to express our concerns about global warming and to have decision makers the urgency of adopting strong measures.

With the support of: The Alternative, the Greens, the LCR, the EcoZAC's friends instead of Rungis, Green Network, Independent Ecological Movement and Alofa Tuvalu.



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