Tax credits on energy-saving equipment

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The tax credit in France dedicated to sustainable development (energy saving, renewable energy)

These pages are intended to synthesize the various aids and tax credit assistance for housing equipment.

Warning: these pages below was written to assist readers to a better understanding of the list of equipment eligible for the tax credit. Reading it can not substitute for reading theArticle 90 the Finance Act 2005, In theArticle 83 of the Finance Act 2006Arrested for the February 9 2005, December 12 2005 and November 13 2007And tax instructions 5B-26-05, 5-17 06B-and-5B 17-07.

The Finance Act 2005 created a tax credit dedicated to sustainable development and energy savings. To reinforce the incentive nature of the tax system for the equipment from the main house, this measure is now focused on the most efficient equipment in terms of energy as well as equipment using renewable energies. This measure is intended for wide dissemination of sustainable energy equipment to help achieve the ambitious goals of France in terms of energy savings and renewable energy. It is part of the strategy put in place to reduce a factor 4 our greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The Finance Act 2006 completed some measures initially planned

What expenses are affected by this measure?

The tax credit for expenditures acquisition of certain equipment provided by companies who performed the work and the subject of a bill under the conditions specified in Article 90 of the Finance Act and 2005 Article 83 of the Finance Act 2006.

These pages are (click on the equipment you're interested):

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