The cost of waste management has doubled

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According to the Agency for Environment and Energy Management (ADEME), the cost of municipal waste management -the household waste, sewage sludge and waste élagage- has roughly doubled in ten years. Before subtracting any financial support, it varies in 130 220 euros per tonne, to 40 95 euros per inhabitant per year. This figure should however increase less strongly in the coming years, said ADEME.

source: ADEME

Econology Note: if it is "normal" that the waste mass increases, it is strange that the specific cost increases.
Indeed technological and organizational upgrades made to depuration stations, recycling centers or incinerators tend to reduce these costs ...
Unless :
- It is taken into account the investment costs just (so biased as amortization calculations come sooner or later!)
- This is a reflection of the "on" cost of waste sorting. In this case it is the source (packaging) that faudait intervene ... because living subsidies is it reasonable to term?


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