The Customs Code and biofuels

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Le code des douanes à été modifié pour favoriser « légèrement » le développement de la filière énergétique huile végétale pure.

Download the text of the Official Act of the customs code on biofuels

This is what makes the Customs Code (always) outlawed users HVB on public roads. Despite the EU directive 2003-30.

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I. - The Customs Code is amended as follows:

1 ° is inserted in Article 265 bis A, after 1, 1 a bis as follows:

"1 bis. - The pure vegetable oils, used in accordance with Article 265 ter as fuel in agricultural holdings has gricoles on which they are produced are exempt from the domestic consumption tax. ";

2 265 ° Article ter is replaced by the following:

"Art. 265 1 ter.-. Are prohibited to use carburizing, sale or offering for sale of carburizing products whose use and sale for this use has not been specifically authorized by the orders of the Minister for the Budget and the Minister Of the industry.

"Without prejudice to the prohibitions or penalties that could result from other legislation, products used or intended for use in violation of the provisions of the first paragraph are subject to the domestic consumption tax as provided in the first paragraph of III of Article 265.

"2. In cases where it is compatible with the type of motor used and the corresponding requirements for emissions, USER self-consumption agriculture as ion fuel of pure vegetable oil in farms on which it has been produced can be allowed on an experimental basis until December 31 2007 as provided by decree.

"The term pure vegetable oil the oil produced from oil plants through pressing, extraction or comparable procedures, crude or refined but chemically unmodified.

"Any violation of these provisions that the customs authorities are responsible for enforcing liable if the offense is of a 2 the article 410 of the fine provided 1 of that article and, in other cases, the fine provided for in Article 1 of 411. "

II. - In 3 ° bis of Article 278 bis of the General Tax Code, the words "domestic" are deleted.


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