Citroën: a car that says Stop and Start pollution

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PSA provided a vehicle equipped with a system that automatically cuts the engine when is stopped and reduce 10% of emissions CO2.

Jean-Martin Folz spoke for months, it was announced Tuesday. Two weeks before the Paris world car, the CEO of PSA Peugeot Citroën presented the "Stop & Start" system. Developed by Valeo supplier, this electric device automatically cuts the engine of the vehicle stopped to restart when the driver takes off the foot brake. This system could lower 10% of the city fuel consumption and up to 15% in traffic, promises PSA. And reduce all emissions CO2.

Before the C2 Citroën and Peugeot 1007, not take over (PSA aims 50.000 2006 vehicles with here) is a special series of C3, sold in November, becoming the first small car with the French "Stop and Start". But other vehicles are already provided with a similar device. Including the Toyota Prius hybrid, also has a motor that stops in traffic, but has the added advantage of operating at low speed, to electricity.

La C3 « Stop and start » sera « quasiment au même prix voire un peu moins chère qu’un modèle équivalent intégrant toutes les options », a expliqué Folz. La C3 Sensodrive classique, qui rejette en moyenne 143 g de CO2 au km, coûte néanmoins aujourd’hui 550 euros de moins que la version «Stop and start» (135 g de CO2).

"It's spectacular," enthused the Ecology Minister Serge Lepeltier, who did not miss the opportunity to confirm its intention to launch a bonus-malus intended to penalize the most polluting vehicles. And "hope the French will seize" the "stop and start". In 2003, they purchased fewer 10.000 "clean" cars on 2 million new vehicles purchased in France.


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