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Some call the Bi-Cross. This is a bike small frame with wheels of 20 inches. often we see young people use this type of bike to do tricks. BMX are not as uninteresting as it sounds. The small size allows to transport and store them easily. Moreover they are stiffer than folding bikes they can replace effective especially for the most ... unruly bikers! BMX have only one speed and this reduces their possibility. As against all the equipment is traditionally rustic (steel) and endurance is high. Pricewise, it is rare to find a used BMX. For new models, we find the correct input range from € 200 and can again ascend to price-related summits (€ 800 more). Let us remember that BMX are machines for fun. They are passionate about bikes as I have ever seen, go to the office with the morning and end the day session street or on a mogul field!

BMX bike
BMX is interesting for its ruggedness and small size. however be careful because he has only one speed and comfort is rather spartan. To reserve for short people, young and turbulent ...!

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