Heat and cool while saving energy

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"Climate protection through heating and cooling
surface geothermia ": this is the title of the first congress devoted to geothermics and organizes the 4 at the Biberach Technical School (FH)
November 2004.
Under the leadership of Mr. Roland Koenigsdorff -Professor at the FH in cooling technology and Buildings- Dirk Lyens the company EnBW AG,
the discussions will be to the theme of energy conservation.
The geothermal, designated by specialists such as renewable energy
"Under-estimate", could be able to make important contributions to primary energy savings and climate protection, by heating buildings with heat pumps in connection with geothermal heat sources near the surface. Efficient and economically attractive systems are currently
development, and although some of them have already been realized, the
geothermal is still unknown.
The objective of the Congress is well informed of the possibilities of geothermal and also discuss examples of applications with specialists and users.

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Sources: Depeche IDW, Press release of the FH Biberach, 21 / 10 / 2004
Editor: Nicolas Condette, nicolas.condette@diplomatie.gouv.fr


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