Central heating with wood, wood pellets what does it know?

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You've probably heard of pellets, also called pellets.

This "new" energy can be an interesting compromise econological for your new home or when changing a boiler. Obviously the investment is quite heavy and it should not be mistaken for the view of the sums involved!

Nevertheless, 2008, making the choice of a new boiler for oil or gas is not that also a significant risk given the uncertain future of fossil fuel prices?

changes in the price of pellets

To help you in your choice, a complete record of pellets for heating answering the key questions you might ask yourself was written. This case concerns the central heating pellets. A record of pellet stoves will also be prepared soon.

Why choose wood pellets?
Advantages and disadvantages of pellets compared to wood
Pellets home? Possible or not?
financial aid and tax credit for pellets
Problem of the design of a wood boiler
Properly size a pellet boiler
estimation calculating consumption of pellets
Silo storage and automatic feeding of granules
hot water ECS and wood boiler or pellet
General properties and specific standards for wood pellets
Biofuel: pellets standards and properties, wood pellets and agropellets

Other articles about the pellets and wood will come very soon. You can also visit our forum which a large part is devoted to wood heating.


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