The wind turbine capacity in Canada is growing by almost 25 percent

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The wind power capacity of Canada (form of producing electricity that is currently experiencing the biggest boom in Canada) continues to grow with the announcement of funding for two new projects of energy wind turbine has Murdochville (Quebec).

The 60 turbines of aeolian parks of Mount Miller and Mount Copper together provide a wind energy capacity of megawatts of 108, and the wind turbine amounting Energy production capacity of Canada over 444 550 megawatts, which represents an increase of almost 25%.
These new aeolian parks were developed with support from the Government of Canada has the Incentive Wind Energy Generation (WPPI), which contribute more than 36,5 million Canadian dollars for two projects in the ten coming years. The WPPI is administered by Natural Resources Canada.

Ultimately, the goal is to increase the megawatts of wind turbine capacity 4.000 Canada by 2010. The WPPI has been created in order to help governments
provincial, the electricity services, independent electricity producers and other stakeholders to gain experience with the use of wind power as a source of electricity for Canada. This program allows producers to explore the potential of aeolian parks in different parts of the country and in varied weather conditions. EPEE also highlights the results of current
the establishment of small individual turbines and the construction and operation of large scale wind turbines parks.

- Ghyslain Charron, Media Relations - Natural Resources Canada
- Tel: + 1 (613) 992 4447
- Tom Ormsby, Director of Communications - Office of the Minister -
Natural Resources Canada - tel: + 1 613 996 2007
Editor: Elodie Pinot, OTTAWA,


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