estimation calculating consumption of pellets

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Heating with wood pellets (or pellets): Questions to ask before choosing this method of heating?
What will my future pellet consumption and especially its cost compared to fuel oil?

Your pellet consumption will depend, of course, your energy needs. If you know them, then it will be easy to estimate your pellet consumption.

For this, we have developed several methods in detail on page properly size its wood boiler which we summarize here.

Make a complete thermal study

Thermal studies will give you an estimated consumption in kWh per year.

If so, simply divide by 5 to obtain about your needs kg pellets.

Examples: a house 150 m² has an energy requirement of 100 kWh / m².year will need 15 000 / 5 = 3000 3 kg of pellets = Tons per year of pellets.

Use your current consumption of gas or oil

Equivalence is very simple: 2kg pellets = 1 1 = L of fuel oil gas m3.

Examples: if your consumption of oil 2500L, you will need to 2500 2 * = kg = 5000 5 tons per year of pellets.

How I would win compared to fuel oil?

Everything depends on the price at which you will find your pellets (see Why choose wood pellets?).

Suppose you touch the pellet 200 € / t delivered (price generally found in 2007) and the oil for € 0,65 1000L.

kWh prices would therefore:
- 0,04 € per kWh for pellets
- 0,065 € per kWh for oil.

Passing granules, so you can reduce your energy bill kWh of 0,065 0,04 to € €, ie almost 40%!

That your energy bill will be almost divided by 2, but attention to the stability of prices for pellets if they are not (yet) regulated and this in contrast to fossil fuels. See discussion future price of pellets?

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