Bonus-malus: the key measure does not clarify further.

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26 announced on June the "bonus-malus" wherever 2004 Climate Plan should tax the most polluting cars and encourage French to buy efficient cars. "Buttons pushins large quatquat out of our cities! "Was the rallying cry of all media.

It does not take long to remind lobbies to order the naive who believed in the Kyoto Protocol. Those did not understand that this is a farce, a bluff. It is actually finding minor measures but that cost dearly for eyeful.
But this error is repaired: the plan that will be presented to Parliament is a little jewel in its genre. Charged 90 million Euro (first year), it will:
-to put pretty "energy labels" (like the one that is already on the electrical goods) vehicles, habitat and air conditioners.
-to promote respect for speed limits (but not lower it to 120 km / h on highways as planned).
-to provide training to gentle driving to new drivers (one can imagine the consequences ....).
-to launch a study on the impact of air transport (they eat bread and it occupies).
-d'augmenter the tax credit enjoyed by those who opt for economical equipment (which amounts to an assumption by the community instead of seeking to lower costs and increase performance).

Conclusion: Not surprisingly.


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