Happy Holidays

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Christopher and the team econology wish you a merry festive season and a very good year 2006.

  • Review of the year 2005:
  • a) Regarding this site, there is more than positive since the visits have increased from January 4 2005 2005 and December and this is thanks to each of you! We thank you for your interest in this site and econologic.

    b) Many Pantone montages made and presented to the forum.

    c) A media running.

    d) Many ideas have been launched, such as "Kyothome" and "Econotour", unfortunately the 2ieme has to be postponed.

  • Objectives of the year 2006
  • For now, besides the objectives identical to the year 2005, I will cite only one (but size):

    "Create the econology association in order to finally be able to make more concrete actions in the field. "


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