Biodiversity: Call elected.

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At the initiative of President of the Republic was held in Paris an international conference on "Biodiversity: Science and Governance". The observation made by scientists is alarming. As our President Hubert Reeves: "We eliminate today over a thousand times more species than before the industrial era. This mass extinction, the sixth in the history of the earth, humanity is the cause, it could be the victim. "

A challenge is to overcome and we think that elected officials, of course Parliament, but also in Regions, Departments, Municipalities -Forts their democratically legitimacy are in a position to boost the momentum to rectify the situation.
Convinced that they have the will to face such a challenge, beyond the current generations, concerns those who will take over, we destine them a solemn appeal *. Hubert Reeves wrote the introduction, and the call is accompanied both of the stated principles for a renovation of the natural heritage policy and our main proposals for the national biodiversity strategy.
ROC League intends to contribute to allow the beautiful goal of the conference "Decide today to live tomorrow" is translated into action. This first initiative will, of course, followed by other ...

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