Automobile 2005-2020: What car for tomorrow?

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A new prospective study ADIT is out now!

This report is the result of a series of interviews realized during the year 2004 to several tens of specialists in the automotive sector, both in the field of research that industry.

It represents an "instant" photograph of the problems facing the automobile today and solutions that can be considered from here on 2020. Why this horizon? In the wake of this new decade, proven oil reserves will have decreased considerably, and this is all the more important because of the economic boom of certain countries, such as China and India, which has led to increase.

Each of the major thematic addressed (engine, materials, electronics, security, tires) is accompanied by a comprehensive directory of the main centers of R & D, both in Europe and America and Asia, as well as many useful contacts for further reading .

For more information and to order this document (96 color pages, Price: euros 185 - 5,5% VAT) log onto:


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