The US Army is interested in textile and plastic photovoltaic

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Konarka Technologies (Massachusetts) has signed a contract to 1,6 million with the US Army for the production of military applications of its ultra-small solar cells that can be integrated directly in plastic and textile materials.

The Army, the field equipment (GPS night vision goggles) are increasingly dependent on a power supply, considering the development of different devices (uniforms, tents, etc.) based on this technology to replacing traditional batteries and other diesel generators currently used to power equipment or to recharge them. This would lighten the load carried by the infantry.

The agreement also emphasizes the importance of a process developed by the company for printing a pattern on the photovoltaic materials without altering efficiency. The method in question is based on the use of photosensitive dye adsorbed on titanium dioxide nanoparticles. USAT 05 / 05 / 05 (Army to get energy-converting sheeting)


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