The Amazon could turn into savannah

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the 28-07-2004

The Amazon rainforest can turn into savannah area by 50 100 years due to climate warming and fires that destroy the forest area in Brazil, warned Tuesday a Brazilian scientist.

"Almost all scenarios point to a" savannah "(the Amazon) by 50 100 in years," said Carlos Nobre, a researcher at the National Institute of Space Investigations (INPE) at the Third Conference "large-scale project on the biosphere and the atmosphere of the Amazon," which opened Tuesday in Brasilia.

"In the worst case, the forest loses some 60% of its surface; at best, everything continues as now; in the case of an intermediate scenario, 20% of its surface disappears, "he said.

"Even without deforestation, global warming could cause the" savannah "of 20 30% to%" of the Amazon, reported Nobre.

According to Brazilian official sources, 70 years 2002 end, fires destroyed more than 630.000 2 million km3,68 of km2 account that the Amazon forest in the country (70% of the Amazon forest).

The researcher of INPE considers that the deforestation caused by the advance of soybean cultivation and cattle breeding, already has a climate impact, both locally and in more remote areas, since it causes "a decrease rain and more warming of the climate. "

Nobre believes we can reverse this process through the creation of a large body of coordination of efforts in the Amazon. This implies a shift of resources, since currently "only 3% of revenues in research go to the Amazon," said Nobre.


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