Germany world leader in photovoltaic energy

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The German solar industry, after the association of the German solar energy UVS, installs during the years 2004 100 000 more solar plants able to generate current or heat for power of '300 order MWp (maximum total installed capacity

This allows the German to move for the first time ahead of Japan which, after estimates of the solar industry has reached an installed power of about 2004 280 MWp. The United States followed in third position with about 90 MWp.

German manufacturers of solar installations have invested in 2004 just over 2 billion against 1,3 billion in 2003 and 840 2002 million. This trend has also had positive effects on the entire industry: there was almost 5000 job creations in this sector in 2004. In total, almost 30.000 people work in Germany in the solar industry.

Sources: Communique of the DIHK, 11 / 01 / 2005
Editor: Nicolas Condette,


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