Clean air is a biblical obligation

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"The environmentalists who fight against air pollution and global warming have discovered new allies among evangelists," the New York Times said. With unexpected vigor, the National Association of Evangelists, a non-profit organization, loyal support of the Republican Party, which represents 45 000 churches and 30 million people across the country, wants to lobby Congress to make it vote on laws controlling carbon emissions. For the evangelists indeed, the protection of the planet is part of the teachings of the Bible. According to Genesis, "God has put man in the gardens of Eden to take care of him," quotes Richard Cisik, the association's vice-president, who says: "That's why we must add our voice to the debate."

"We still find in the Bible a passage that contradicts another," said James Inhofe, elected Republican of Oklahoma and chairman of the Senate Environment Committee, who doubts that climate change is linked to the activity human. The latter, however, takes seriously the words of the association, "because of its impact on people who generally vote Republican."

"Evangelists can influence Congress, and if their interest in global warming increases, Senator Inhofe will have to listen to them," said John Green, head of a think tank on religion and public life. He observes, however, that "evangelists do not like environmentalists."


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