financial aid and tax credit for pellets?

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Heating with wood pellets: the question to ask before choosing this method of heating?

What local grants that I can have more of the national tax credit?

Pellets central heating systems are unfortunately expensive (in 10 15.000 €). Compared to an oil or gas boiler, the difference is quite large although some high performance put oil boiler may have a similar price.

Nevertheless, it is "amusing" to note that the prices of these equipments in Germany or in Switzerland are about the same as in France ... minus the subsidies.

Can we conclude that the entire grant (that is to say, our taxes) goes into the pocket of the importer or manufacturer, or when this is due to additional transport costs?
Either you pay the same price as a German that he does not get help.

The principle of the grant can be a trap prompting sellers to overcharge the hardware. We will write a full article on the subject shortly. Anyway now see the possible local aid.

We must inquire if the General Council of your department and / or the regional council does not offer grants for this type of installation.

Isere, for example, the department provides assistance of € 2500 and 2000 region € (this was even before 4000 2006 € which allowed me to have a facility for the same price as a gas boiler).

The tax credit of 50% applies only on the hardware, and not necessarily after deduction of aid that depends on the style of destination of the aid. Sometimes it takes the proportion of the workforce.

We must do explain all this in detail by the energy information space in your area. See the site information for theADEME.

Check also on installers in your department. Call them and let establish quotes. You will see that there are serious people and others less ... like all new market, it attracts opportunists not necessarily competent.

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