An oil boiler without polluting inspired by a doping with internal water

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During combustion of the fuel oil (diesel) one of the products of combustion is water vapor. This water vapor is often forgotten fact when discussing the release of the combustion of hydrocarbons, or steam has a major influence on climate (see the equations of combustion and CO2), But this is not the subject of this new which aims to present an oil burner blue flame homemade.

Oil burner blue flame

The water produced in significant quantity (burnt oil produces about 1L 1kg water), could be used to improve oil combustion in a boiler, like permits the technique of water doped on internal combustion engines. It is this idea that have wanted to test 2 members the forums.

The recirculation of the steam in the combustion chamber makes it possible, a quality never achieved combustion. Buderus (for example) a burner with recirculation markets in recent years, Buderus LogatopBut the results of the assembly presented below appear even higher and above are obtained on a burner and a boiler (Buderus brand also) of 30 years old.

These results are amazing compared to the simplicity of the amendment and the age of the boiler:
- CO divided by 9
- Carbon and soot divided by 400
- NOx divided by 20

This results in much higher pollution levels in the oil boilers and the latest gas to tens of change in euros.

boiler combustion analysis

All these results were achieved thanks to the professional testing equipment, as presented above.

Learn more, understand the change and read analyzes in detail: modification of an oil burner blue flame burner.


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