Storage of pellets and necessary volume of the silo

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Heating with wood pellets: the question to ask before choosing this method of heating?

1) What are the requirements of a good storage of pellets?

a) Close the boiler as we have said. If you do not have adjacent room: nothing prevents building, if possible, an outdoor annex contiguous to your boiler room.

b) Humidity minimized: The pellets are, you know, the dried wood (RH c) air evacuation during filling: a vent.

automatic feed pellet boiler
The 3 types of automatic feeding a boiler Pellets: not auger, suction and bag (manual)

2) What is the required storage volume?

The storage volume must be sufficient for about a year heating and hot water. This obviously because of the price of delivery!

If you replace your boiler, calculation of the mass required per year is simple: energy 2 kg of pellets = oil 1L. (1 kg pellets = almost 5 kWh). So if you consume 2500L of oil, you will 5 tons of pellets.

German and Austrian standards require Pellet density of 1.200 Kg / m3 (yes the pellet flows: it is heavier than water) which is about to 650 750Kg / m3 for bulk pellets.

So let's take 700 kg / m3 equivalent to oil 350L in a volume of 1000 Litre. We need a 3 times more volume than your annual consumption of fuel oil or to an equivalence of oil 2500L a volume of 7,5 m3.

However it is necessary to also provide a "security" volume from 10 to 15% in our case: 9 m3 for 2500 L oil equivalent.

Therefore at final a pellet volume 3,5 times greater than the storage volume of oil equivalent energy and a tonnage 2 times higher than that of oil (or gas m3).

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