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11/01/15, 19:49
Forum: Company and Philosophy
Subject : Support for Charlie Hebdo and freedom of expression
answers: 102
views: 19472

Hello I remain stupefais to see autand volunteers who organized in as short a time to start major events with well strucutre sign and media ect .. Just a few months we organize a demonstration against oil transport the s ...
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10/01/15, 04:33
Forum: Company and Philosophy
Subject : Charlie Hebdo: eleven dead! Press freedom in question!
answers: 283
views: 26745

Hello See the timeline: October 22 2014: Canada Canada Flag: Shootout in Ottawa to the National War Memorial to end the Parliament of Canada, 2 deaths (including the shooter, the Islamist-Zehaf Michael Bibeau) and 3 injured. I list examples of this "compan ...
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09/01/15, 03:18
Forum: The bistro of the site, leisure and relaxation, humor and friendliness
Subject : Attendance / participation on the rise again
answers: 19
views: 7465

Hello I am far from being a Taliban surveys the contrary. : Frown: Posted messages reflect an activity that can be negligible compared to the READ messages. I consider that a significant attendance readers more sense that a flood of messages ...? It's easy to effi ...
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11/08/14, 04:57
Forum: Engines or processes over unity, debate and ideas ?
Subject : 1er step into the unknown, Electric Motor Differential Analysis
answers: 84
views: 24874

Hello Just watch any DC motor separately excited to realize it. + 1 It was some time that I was not passing on the forum shows that the basis of the electric motors is not well understood .. the engines run continuously that excite ...
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26/07/14, 06:23
Forum: Science and Technology
Subject : The single Antonov An-225 seen true!
answers: 8
views: 2864


he has a month on our aerdrome

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23/02/14, 22:05
Forum: Water injection in engines: montages and experiments
Subject : Mounting pantone 4x4 toyota turbo LJ73 2.4L
answers: 41
views: 28736

Hello Hello, Someone he tried to mix the two planes, taking the air to the bubbler after the turbo and send steam before the turbo, dosing flow? Yes this is a problem the air line that takes you from the turbo and you send in the bubbler at low speed becomes succio ...
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08/01/14, 06:08
Forum: Heating, insulation, ventilation, VMC, cooling ...
Subject : Vegetable oil burner boiler ball
answers: 2031
views: 777332

Hello what are texactement in principle the burner MAN mine is conceived, this principle has been the 1920 years on burners for industrial furnaces That is to say to return to diffusseur neck a small part of the hot gas in early combustion . I also have a smaller ...
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08/01/14, 05:42
Forum: special motors, patents, fuel consumption reduction
Subject : How to save fuel?
answers: 39
views: 21130

Hello posts 3 26 the January 2010 2 5 posts on January 2012 1 7 January 2014 the post on the subject hydrogen for fuel economy is interesssant but since 2010 I guess you asked this system on a car? would like to have something encrypted before installation, after inst ...
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04/01/14, 05:38
Forum: Water injection in engines: general information
Subject : Integrating a Gillier Pantone system in a vehicle
answers: 21
views: 23683

Hello copy glue on his blog Many of us we heard of Pentonne engine, we believe it or not they are believed. Upon our return to Spain in February 2011, we made a bivouac in a small town. Suddenly, a car is stopped in the parking lot, motor fully accelerated. I ...
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16/12/13, 04:43
Forum: Heating, insulation, ventilation, VMC, cooling ...
Subject : Vegetable oil burner boiler ball
answers: 2031
views: 777332

Hello I have the same ball from 1980 years, was not in the slot sealing problem it takes a air filter and decanter the compressor outlet air must be clean. the burner of the stop is through a solenoid valve continuous oil flow some time (this is not oiled ...

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