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Water injection in engines: montages and experimentsConference and pantone courses in Brittany, October 2008

Edits and changes to engines, experiences, findings and ideas.
I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Conference and pantone courses in Brittany, October 2008

Unread Messageby vanpoulle.frederic@lapost » 17/09/08, 10:55

Pantone process technology to save fuel: Conference and workshop in October

Pantone process made about him on various vehicles, it reduces fuel consumption to 20 30%, sometimes 40% on tractor. Pollution is reduced in larger proportions.
However, the process remains very empirical and craft: it lacks a real research and the involvement of manufacturers.
The association Culture Bio, organizer of the exhibition "Ille et Bio" (Guichen, 35), this technique since 5 3 years and has organized training courses. Here are the next appointments.

11 October round table "how to save less and pollute with Pantone reactors?"
To disseminate, to strengthen and improve this technique, Culture Bio organizes a roundtable on October 11 14h30, in the living room "Ille et Bio" in Guichen (35). The stakes are high credibility to this technology, the broadcast now, strengthen participatory research in the image of what is going to free software of interest to governments and businesses.
Roundtable participants are the 3
--Bernard Lecras, a retired mechanic, experimenter
--Pierre Yves Glorennec, engineer, manager of Avelvor Technology, investigator
--Jacques Pochon, experimenter.
Jacques Pochon is a passionate experimenting and shows since 2001. His approach, not always orthodox, brought him the conventional reactor in France - "the Gillier-Pantone" - a simpler version, lower temperature. The potential seems more important, but it is capricious.
Bernard Lecras has been experimenting since 3 years, and he has very precise results thanks to calibrated circuits. He gets 35% savings on his car. Here again the process has evolved a lot and he prefers to talk about "water doping".
Pierre Yves Glorennec works for energy saving for fishing, and with Bernard Lecras suits the process for sailors. He investigated vehicles Pantone installed in Brittany:
This shows the real successes but also failures that is important to draw conclusions.
The basic technique, called "Gillier pantone" will of course be presented.
Several vehicles equipped will be visible on the Ille et Bio salon.

24 and 25 October training to change his vehicle
Despite its empirical side, the Pantone technique has the advantage of being adaptable now on vehicles without electronic injection. The 20% savings are often achieved.
This course will demonstrate the basic technique "Gillier-Pantone", two vehicles will be modified and participants will leave with the elements of the reactor. They will be able, if they are a little handyman to install their own vehicle.
Both trainers are two retired farmers who have equipped several tractors and several cars and generators. The partnership with the center Léo Lagrange, farm harp, Rennes, provides access to professional equipment, including lifts.

--The Round Table held at the Guichen 11 October as part of the living room Ille et Bio (270 exhibitors, conferences 40, 4 € entrance, over three days. Detailed program on
--for the course, registration is mandatory
Or "Culture Bio, 43 street Fague, 35 580 Guichen" as 02 99 52 02 90
35 euros, not including meals. Number of participants limited to 20.
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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
posts: 7
Registration: 17/09/08, 10:42

research vehicle show in lounge

Unread Messageby vanpoulle.frederic@lapost » 17/09/08, 10:58

when Ille lounge and bio (10, 11 and 12 October) in Guichen,
we wish to mount other modified vehicles Pantone, with reliable results.
thank you to contact me at
or read: ... t6152.html


(A round table is organized on October 11, see previous post) and an internship the 24 e t25 October)
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