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Hydraulic, wind, geothermal, marine energy, biogas ...Paradigma, decrease in heating power!

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Paradigma, decrease in heating power!

Unread Messageby vanagaz1961 » 21/06/09, 16:50


sunny days come with the beginning of summer.
your boiler Paradigm turns for hot water production only, unless you have an installation connected to a pool heater.

How to increase the operating time of the burner, save energy and make the most of your installation?

After 2 months of testing and agreement of the importer (Mr Gram) and the factory, there is a setting to perform to reduce the power of the boiler 50%.

this setting is not necessary if you have a pool

Important: afraid of making a mistake?
press 2x on the left double arrow to exit the program.

tip: print this email to have it near you when setting

here are the necessary steps to make the adjustment:

control box "Pelleti" of your boiler:
step 1: box in normal display

step 2: unroll the menu with the double right arrow until "service access"

step 3: access code: display "42" on the screen, using the + and - arrows

step 4: the 42 code must be validated by the double right arrow. you have access to the "technical" menu

5 step: scroll the menu with the up / down arrows. go to the "yield limited" section before the last screen, just before "language" with the key - decrease the power up to half of your boiler: 20 kw becomes 10.1 kw
32kw becomes 15 kw.
validate your choice by pressing 2 x the left double arrow key to exit the program.
That's it !! , we'll see you again from the beginning of September / October for winter revival

this setting must be available also on the Ökofen / KWB and Solvis boilers, which are identical devices: still to be juggled with the keys

Happy holidays to those who leave and for those who stay
(like me), "the holidays are above all a state of mind"


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