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special motors, patents, fuel consumption reductionVortex to save fuel?

Tips, advice and tips to lower your consumption, processes or inventions as unconventional engines: the Stirling engine, for example. Patents improving combustion: water injection plasma treatment, ionization of the fuel or oxidizer.
I understand econologic
I understand econologic
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Re: Vortex to save fuel?

Unread Messageby nikolaj » 17/11/17, 05:47

Gildas wrote:+ 1, Saw this turbine on a gasoline Ibiza, better acceleration found by the owner .. :)

Hello, this is a testimony by real observations of the usual user of the vehicle ...
so the incoming air seems to come in faster and stronger?
and hence the fuel / air mixtures are more homogeneous? Yes ! better consumed by the air which is a gaseous complex, but pay attention to the altitude, where the oxygen is more rare ... as in mountain, thanks to the turbines, the engines turn thus better, because + of air quickly admitted...
some "test benches / controls" can be put in test defects, if these criteria of installation of turbine (in a hose of air) are not parameterized or gauged ...
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