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I posted 500 messages!
I posted 500 messages!
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Nes'Presso ... What else .... MONTEBOURG of course

Unread Messageby bpval » 09/12/07, 19:39

I saw it at info this afternoon

Montebourg What else

Directly made me think of Clwooney ...

In less crunchy .... sure
but much more sparkling

Left, left
The biggest flaw in Ségolène "This is his companion"

Dixit the good man ... Had to know things during the election campaign ...
Sure politics it rips you a couple ... or two

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Unread Messageby Christophe » 09/12/07, 19:45

You do not like the relationship with econology if it is not this: ... t4426.html : Mrgreen:

Oh no, I'm wrong! : Cheesy:
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