Wolvendael Magazine: The Kitchen Garden Lazy, better than permaculture, Didier Helmstetter

The 621 issue of Wolvendael Magazine of September 2016 devotes an article of 2 pages on the technique of the Garden of the Sloth. This article was written by Stève Polus (former editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Le Soir") and it is the very first written article on the improved permaculture technique initiated and [...]

Virtual video tour of the vegetable garden of the sluggard

Le Potager du Paresseux, virtual tour in video (s) by Didier Helmstetter (aka Did67) Legend of the introduction photo: «Didier, the lazy gardener, in the midst of ... gardening! "The" Lazy vegetable garden "is a way to produce vegetables" more than organic "(ie without any treatment products or fertilizers, neither biological nor, of course, chemical)