Plant VS Animal Protein: Health, Nutrition and Environment

Animal and plant proteins - Nutritional powers and environmental issues Proteins are water-soluble macromolecules used in the constitution of any organic tissue (bone, muscle ... etc.). They physiologically ensure the functions of hormones, enzymes, antibodies. If the proteins exist in innumerable forms, all of them consist only of a molecular assembly of 22 amino acids called proteinigenic. [...]


Phenoculture, the "official" name of the hay mulching permaculture technique developed for econology

Initiated as early as spring 2014 on the forums of the site, the technique of "mulching" of hay mulching by Didier Helmstetter is experiencing a growing success both in terms of productivity results and popularity level, many gardeners starting to test The technique at 4 corners of France! As a reminder, this [...]

Wolvendael Magazine: The Kitchen Garden Lazy, better than permaculture, Didier Helmstetter

The 621 issue of Wolvendael Magazine of September 2016 devotes an article of 2 pages on the technique of the Garden of the Sloth. This article was written by Stève Polus (former editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Le Soir") and it is the very first written article on the improved permaculture technique initiated and [...]

Virtual video tour of the vegetable garden of the sluggard

Le Potager du Paresseux, virtual tour in video (s) by Didier Helmstetter (aka Did67) Legend of the introduction photo: «Didier, the lazy gardener, in the midst of ... gardening! "The" Lazy vegetable garden "is a way to produce vegetables" more than organic "(ie without any treatment products or fertilizers, neither biological nor, of course, chemical)

Le Potager du Sloth: origin, objectives and principles Video

Le Potager du Paresseux, presentation video by Didier Helmstetter (alias Did67): its origin, its objectives and its principles ... Legend of the introductory photo: "The owner of the vegetable garden of the Paresseux surprised in full work ... of explanation! "The" Lazy vegetable garden "is a way to produce vegetables" more than organic ", in abundance, without any work of [...]